Sewing a Regency Gown

I thought of making a Regency gown in January 2016. I ordered the pattern from America and I found the material in March. This gave me plenty of time to complete the project by the time of my book launch party at the end of June.  In May I bought the accessory bits and pieces – cotton, cord eyelets, tape – all set to go.

First I read the pattern instructions.  
Oh dear. My material has a 30cm pattern match.
A bit of head scratching – the skirt panel patterns need careful placing on the material to line up with the bodice. Tip number one. Consider this when buying the material. 
Great, it all went to plan. Good thinking that I bought an extra meter.
I remembered to mark the darts and all the other guide markings.

Save money – use your yogurt pots as pattern weights (hubby painted them green/yellow) my other two are balloon stones.

Accurate cutting is essential if all the pattern parts are to sew together correctly.